AC Service in Portland, OR

AC Service in Portland, Happy Valley, Oswego, OR and Surrounding Areas

AC Service in Portland, OR is an umbrella for a number of different services. We are the all-around AC service company that provides everything under one roof.

Clean, Efficient Installations

The installation of your Ac unit is the groundwork for the future performance of your system and must be correctly carried out from the start. The equipment you use needs to be sufficient in strength to service the intended area, and of course, the quality of the equipment must be such that it will withstand excessive use in the heat, and last the full intended duration of its lifetime. At Morrison, we’ll set you on the right track to a fresh, comfortable environment when you need it.

Robust, Reliable Repairs

You must understand from the start that your AC unit is a mechanical piece of equipment and is prone to wear and tear of the inner parts. You are guaranteed to be subjected to a breakdown at some stage in the lifetime of your equipment. When that happens, you need to have a service provider you can rely on to deliver lasting repairs at an affordable price, and in a time-frame that is acceptable. Morrison can provide all these things, with confidence and professionalism.

Major Maintenance

If you really want your equipment to last, you will have to carry out regular maintenance on your AC unit. As with any mechanical items, wear and tear can be disastrous if not kept in check. Maintenance on your setup will ensure you that any minor niggles are prevented from becoming out of control, leading to a costly breakdown and repair. At Morrison, we offer maintenance on an as needed basis or you can opt for a maintenance plan.

Timely Tune-Ups

As your unit begins to age, you may find that the length of time between maintenance seems to be too long, and your AC system seems to need attention before the time. AC tune-ups are minor maintenance services that simply keep your system in proper, running order until the maintenance is due.

Reliable Replacements

There will, unfortunately, come a time when you will need to replace your air conditioner. As it becomes older and nears the end of its lifespan, you may find that the repairs, maintenance, and tune-ups are becoming far too costly. Call us to evaluate your AC system and allow us to make a recommendation.

AC Services Offered:

Morrison Heating and Cooling has been providing AC Service in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas for many years. We understand the needs of the community, and what they require from their AC units. Contact us today for advice that is based on experience in the industry.