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Air Conditioning Repair Portland

For the best air conditioning repair Portland, you want Morrison Heating & Cooling. These days air conditioners are a necessity. With summer heat reaching record levels year after year, it’s important to be prepared. An emergency air conditioning situation can strike Portland at any time. This requires professional air conditioning repair by a highly trained HVAC technician. When you encounter an air conditioning repair emergency, don’t wait until the situation gets desperate. Contact Morrison Heating & Cooling as soon as possible for air conditioning repair.

Benefits of Comprehensive AC Repairs

There are a number of things that can go wrong in a residential and commercial air conditioning systems in Portland. With our comprehensive air conditioning unit repair you don’t need to worry though. Our technician will perform a complete diagnosis of your system, so if you encounter any of the following symptoms, don’t wait to contact us for air conditioning repair.

  • Air conditioning won’t cool – If your air conditioning unit isn’t properly cooling when it should, or is taking too long to reach temperature it may require repair. This can be a simple and fast fix like having your technician add an appropriate type and amount of coolant. In the event it is more severe, we can perform the necessary air conditioning repairs to have your Portland system working as it should again.
  • Weak air conditioning airflow – As your Portland AC system ages it will start to blow slower. Failing to change the air filter on a regular basis can also cause the air conditioning unit to blow less when it is clogged. This can in turn damage the blower motor. If you change the filter and still experience airflow problems, one of our technicians can determine the cause and provide air conditioning repairs.
  • A noisy air conditioner – Your heating and cooling system should be quiet. They all produce a certain amount of sound, but it shouldn’t be excessive. A noisy AC system can mean many things. Sometimes a part is disconnected or loose. Bad motors also produce a loud noise. Our experts know how your unit should sound in Portland and can determine the source as well as provide air conditioning repairs.

Our experience with air conditioning repair Portland isn’t limited to specific brands. Whatever AC system you’ve chosen for your Portland home, we can provide the correct diagnosis and air conditioning repairs to bring it back to full functionality. For reliable air conditioning repairs in Portland, Call (503) 683-7077 or Contact Morrison Heating & Cooling.