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Heating and Cooling Portland

Heating in Portland needs to be reliable during the extended winter months. Whether you’ve got a convection heater, a baseboard heater, or another solution, knowing it’s functioning correctly when you need it to and having access to fast heating service when it doesn’t is so important. That’s where the experts at  Morrison Heating & Cooling come in.

With vast experience diagnosing heaters and repairing heating units efficiently, quickly, and reliably, we’ve become Portland‘s trusted option when its citizens have heating problems. This includes:

  • Heating Installation – Heating units come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and brands. We’ve got access to the most reliable heaters and have the knowledge to identify and install your heater correctly. A properly sized heater is efficient and only uses as much electricity as is necessary. We believe in choosing the right unit for the property and saving you money in the process.
  • Heating Repairs – Even the most reliable heaters have a shelf life. Parts can wear down, the environment can take its toll, and without proper heating repairs, you won’t have heat when you need it. Using the best replacement parts with the longest warranties our heating repairs are designed to last, getting you the most out of your heater.
  • Heating Maintenance – When it comes to prevention, there’s nothing like a good heating maintenance package. Our maintenance agreements ensure your heater gets twice yearly inspections and cleanings that help catch problems in their infancy. Heating maintenance in Portland greatly extends the life of your unit.


Summers are projected to get increasingly warmer, and having cooling in Portland that meets your needs is ever more important. When you need cooling services in Portland, we have you covered with:

  • Cooling Installation – We can identify the right cooling option for your home, removing any existing systems and installing your new one. The correct AC unit installation can make all the difference, providing ample cooling no matter how hot it gets.
  • Cooling Repairs – Taking care of your air conditioning system is important, and that means timely repairs when something goes wrong. With expert level HVAC technicians and some of the industries best-warrantied repair parts, our air conditioning repair is done to last.
  • Cooling Maintenance – Cooling maintenance in Portland can keep your unit in top condition longer. We offer a comprehensive cooling maintenance package with twice yearly cooling unit inspections that keep you in great shape for any season.

Heating and Cooling Portland
When you need comprehensive services that cover your heating and cooling needs in Portland, call (503) 683-7077 or contact Morrison Heating & Cooling today.