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Water Heater Repair Portland

Water Heater repair

For efficient, reliable water heater repair Portland, call on Morrison Heating & Cooling. A properly functioning water heating system is important in Portland. They provide you with the opportunity for hot showers, clean dishes, and warm feet if you have a radiant heater. When you require water heater repair in Portland, it can be a life-altering event. That’s why you want to trust your water heater repair to the professionals at Morrison Heating & Cooling. Our technicians are incredibly skilled at diagnosing and repairing problems on all appliance models. No matter what your issue, we’ll provide you with quality water heater repairs at an excellent price.

Factory trained Navien service and installation specialists!

Water Heater Problems

Water heaters in Portland can suffer from problems for a number of reasons. Most are designed to last for 8 to 12 years. Depending on your level of professional maintenance, from commercial heating and cooling to residential water heater repair Portland, this can be lengthened or shortened. We always do our best to provides repairs, but we will always let you know if the cost means you would be better served by a new unit instead. If you encounter any of the following with your Portland water heater, call us to schedule a water heater diagnostic.

  • Lack of hot water
  • Water runs out too soon
  • Water appears rusty or black in color
  • Water is running too hot
  • Water is leaking from your unit
  • Water smells bad
  • Your unit is whining or popping

No matter what the problem you encounter in Portland, our water heater repair and furnace repair technicians have you covered. All of our repairs come with an exceptional Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee, and we only use high-grade replacement parts with excellent warranties. We perform both electric water heater repair and gas water heater repair, so no matter what, your Portland system is covered. Call (503) 683-7077 or Contact Morrison Heating & Cooling today for water heater repair in Portland.

Navien tankless water heaters

Traditional and Tankless hot water heaters

Tankless water heaters are ‘on-demand’ heaters with no storage tank. They are more efficient and smaller than a conventional water heater and provide endless hot water because they heat the water as
it flows through them. Most homes have a 50 to 80-gallon water heater that must be kept at +/- 120 degrees 24/7. Tankless water heaters sit idle until a faucet is turned on (and they sit idle when you’re on vacation!) While most standard water heaters are 75-80% efficient, tankless units are between 92-98% efficient, and some have a 75% reduction in CO & NOx emissions.
One thing to keep in mind though about tankless water heaters is that they are not really designed to be ‘instant’ water heaters…the hot water still may take time to move from the heater, through plumbing pipes, to the faucet. To get hot water to taps almost instantly, the hot water line(s) in the house plumbing would need a return line added from the end of the line(s) to the water heater. They may take a little time to heat up, but the return in efficiency is a great trade-off for many people when choosing a hot water heater!

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