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Is It Worth It To Repair My Heat Pumps Again?


Believe it or not heat pumps repair and maintenance Happy Valley, OR is crucial to ensure the best possible performance from your unit. In fact, with diligent care and maintenance on your heat pump, you can ensure it lasts for up to 20-years.

Nevertheless, age still affects everything mercilessly. They might still be running properly. Over time, however, things might start to get a bit trickier.

Signs of your heat pump decaying will pop up unexpectedly. Sometimes, it’s worth having them fixed again. However, when you’ve had them for longer than 10 years you might want to check some professional heat pumps repair and maintenance Happy Valley, OR first.

Do you run maintenance regularly?

A well-maintained heat pump will have a greater advantage and chance of lasting longer than a poorly kept system.

This also means that by the regular scheduling of the service, you will not only guarantee a longer life for your unit but also an energy-efficient environment that won’t drain your wallet on a daily basis.

However, if you’re dealing with an older pump, heat pumps repair and maintenance Happy Valley, OR might not be as convenient as a replacement.

How is it working?

Regardless of the age, if you have been repairing your pumps quite often recently, and you can’t get your unit to work efficiently, it’s a sign you should probably bid farewell and get a new one.

Doing this will most likely save you plenty of bucks in the long-run. However, getting a modern unit will also give your home the performance that it needs and deserves.

Are you losing money?

Constantly having to repair the pumps without your system performing as before is a clear sign that something’s wrong. You can easily spot the changes if you keep getting higher bills for lower performance.

Keep in mind that the weather conditions can also affect how your whole system works together and therefore how cost-effective the heat pumps repair and maintenance Happy Valley, OR is.

On an average note, it is worth mentioning that though there are some cases where the heat pumps get to last over the 10-year mark in almost perfect shape, it is usually advisable to replace them once they get this old.

Running overall maintenance will ensure that your system as a whole reaches its max, not only in performance but also in durability, which is why we offer our highly qualified and experienced 24/7 emergency service at (503) 683-7077. Give us a call today! For further inquiries, you can also leave us a message at our contact page!

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