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Air Conditioning

3 Features of Professional Air Conditioning and Maintenance to Pay Attention to in Happy Valley, OR

Having a high-quality HVAC unit in your home has become a stable feature of most homes in America, the reason for this is not hard to see. Having fresh, cool air in your home after a day working or enjoying what Happy Valley has to offer is what you can expect with when you choose to have a well-maintained air conditioning system in your home


Having your HVAC system installed correctly is the first step to reaping all the benefits a high-quality system can offer. There a few factors to consider when it comes to air conditioning and maintenance Happy Valley, OR when using a professional company such as Morrisson Heating and Cooling all of these factors are carefully taken into account and applied.

  • The right size of unit
  • The right choice of unit
  • Intact and well-designed ductwork

Experts in Maintenance

Having a set schedule for air conditioning and maintenance in Happy Valley, OR is the cornerstone of having a well performing and long lasting HVAC system. You want to avoid the need for major repair for as long as you possibly can. Having a well thought out and professional maintenance schedule is the number one way to keep large components from going wrong for as long as you can.

Fitting a maintenance plan into your busy schedule can be one of the biggest pain points when booking a maintenance plan for your high-quality HVAC unit. At Morrison's, we understand this and are able to get our technicians to your home quickly and at a time that suits you. If a regular plan is not for you, that’s not an issue, instead of setting dates we give you the option to contact us at any time and opt-in for maintenance when you feel it is needed.

Morrison Heating and Cooling have years of experience in delivering the right maintenance plans for their customer's needs, ensuring that your system is kept in the best condition it can be.

Reliable Repairs

Is your HVAC system making strange noises or is your house not feeling fresh enough? There may be something wrong with a system that needs an expert to have a look. We all have AC systems in our houses for a long time, this means that some point, regardless of quality, something will go wrong that needs fixing.

When your AC system needs to be fixed, you want repairs and parts that will last as long as possible and allow your system to run as intended. Having a trusted company with technicians who know what they’re doing is vital when it comes to repairing and maintaining your system.
So, if you are looking for a professional company with years of experience and great review look no further than Morrison Heating and Cooling. Call us on (503) 683-7077 to have a chat with our specialist and discuss your plans for professional AC installation and maintenance in Happy Valley, OR.