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Why Your A/C System Needs Preventative Maintenance Today

HVAC technician's gear for AC maintenance

It’s been raining a lot lately, even by Oregon’s soggy standards. So, we understand if air conditioning services aren't exactly top of mind.

But rest assured, summer is right around the corner and you’ll want to be ready when it arrives. That means getting your cooling system tuned-up.

How can you tell if your air conditioner needs a check-up? Watch for these warning signs that it’s long overdue.

It’s Blowing Warm Air

You turn on your air conditioner expecting a cool blast of fresh air only to feel the warm breath of a failing system. This could be due to a clogged filter, a refrigerant leak, a compressor malfunction or other causes.

But sometimes changes in temperature can be more subtle. Your HVAC system is designed to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home. If you feel like the temperature is fluctuating, that’s another red flag.

It’s Loud

Your air conditioner is white noise until it begins making unusual sounds such as screeching, squealing, banging or grinding.

The screeching can be attributed to a bad outdoor fan motor, faulty blower or a bad compressor. If you hear hissing, it’s likely a leak or an ill-fitting air filter. The point is, if something doesn’t sound right, don’t delay. It’s only going to get worse!

What’s that Smell?

If there’s a funk emanating from your vents, you likely have a dirty evaporator coil. Microbial organisms are feasting on the dust and dirt build-up on the coils. That’s what you’re smelling, and it isn’t pleasant. The HVAC industry even has a name for this particular aroma: Dirty Sock Syndrome. It’s not dangerous, but it won’t go away on its own.

Where’s the Air?

You want a steady breeze of conditioned air blowing out of your vents. But if the air is barely detectable or if it’s not reaching all rooms, you’ve got a problem. It could be that the blower isn’t functioning, there is a leak in the air duct or the air filter is clogged.

Don’t Wait

Your air conditioning system doesn’t need to display any of the abovementioned symptoms in order for you to schedule a tune-up. In fact, regular, scheduled maintenance can prevent many of these problems from occurring in the first place.

Call Morrison Heating & Cooling today at (503) 683-7077 and we’ll help ensure you home remains comfortable all summer long.

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