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Does Heat Cause Electrical Problems?

thermometer outside in the sun

Electrical Problems Caused by Heat

Have you ever noticed your appliances, chords, or electrical devices heating up, causing electrical issues and malfunctions? It’s true that too much heat can cause electrical problems in your home and make your appliances overheat.

Here are some subtle signs that your home may have electrical problems.

Rising Outdoor Temperatures

Rising temperatures during warmer months, especially during the summer and fall, can cause your home to experience electrical issues. When outdoor temperatures rise, it causes the electrical loads from things like your air conditioning system to increase, which expands and contracts the electrical components. Components like aluminum wires or aluminum materials can cause electrical problems.

Heat Buildup from Aluminum Wiring

If your home is older and you have the original wiring, but notice that it gets hot and has electrical issues, aluminum wiring may be the cause. In the past, around the 1970s, homeowners opted for single-strand aluminum wires instead of copper in order to save on wiring costs. While aluminum wire is a good alternative to copper, it oxidizes quicker than copper and builds heat that leads to fire risks.

Hot Electrical Outlets

Most large electrical appliances generate a lot of heat while you’re using them. But, sometimes that heat can cause the outlet to get hot. If you notice your outlet is hot, you should always unplug the chord in order to avoid a potential electrical fire.

Even switch cover plates can overheat in a hot environment caused by appliances. If your switches are warm to the touch, you should unplug your appliances so that your outlets and switches cool down.

HVAC Professionals in Portland

Your home can overheat for many reasons, especially if your air conditioning unit isn’t keeping your home from overheating, leading to electrical issues. Our team at Morrison Heating & Cooling can inspect your home’s HVAC unit to ensure that it’s not causing your home to overheat or working improperly.

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