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Pre-Vacation Home Checklist

This summer, we want to ensure you enjoy some fun in the sun — without also coming home to a mess of issues. Before you head out for your next vacation, take care of this checklist first for a worry-free time:

Exterior Tasks

  • Water Plants. If you will be away for a prolonged period of your time, be sure to water your plants (and lawn) before you leave. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, you should be all set here! For plants that need daily watering, you may want to try one of these methods.

  • Empty Your Trash. Make sure that there is no trash in your outside garbage cans — the smell may attract unwanted pests. Also, you may be greeted by an awful order when you return home!

  • Hold the Mail. If your scheduled trip is longer than a week, it is best to stop your mail delivery. If you do not want the trouble, you can ask a trusted neighbor to gather your packages and letters.

Interior Tasks

  • Time Your Lights. Burglars often look for homes that are dark as it’s a key sign that nobody is home. It’s wise to put one or more of your lights on a timer. Programmable timers are available that let you customize the time that your lights turn on and off.

  • Turn Off Your Water. For long trips away from home, it may be wise to turn off your main water supply. If you don’t feel like this is important, it is still smart to close the lines to your major appliances, including your washer, dishwasher, and toilets. This prevents the risk of costly leaks!

  • Notify Your Alarm Company. Before you leave on vacation, you should notify your alarm company. You should list the days that you will be away. If there will be caretakers in your home, they should be listed as well. In this manner, it will be easier for your alarm company to respond appropriately in times of potential problems.

  • Tend to Your Kitchen. It is important to clean your kitchen before your trip — wash all dishes, remove perishables from your countertops, and toss unwanted leftovers. Consider pouring a touch of vinegar down your garbage disposal to keep odors at bay.

HVAC System Tasks

  • Set the Thermostat. AC systems are meant to run regularly so that maximum energy efficiency is achieved. Instead of shutting it off in full while you’re away, set your thermostat a few degrees higher than normal.

  • Check the Air Filter. An HVAC unit's air filter is a vital part of the system. This item traps particles before they circulate in your home's environment. During the months of summer, dirt and debris accumulate fast. This can cause problems and may decrease efficiency. Before you leave on your trip, you should make sure that the filter is clean.

  • Check Exterior for Debris. Outside of your home, your HVAC system may be surrounded by trees, grass, and other shrubs. When leaves, branches, or lawn clippings become trapped against your unit, air circulation may be restricted. Clear away any visual debris and keep a few feet of space around your unit.

  • Preventative Maintenance. An HVAC system requires a yearly inspection. We recommend scheduling this before your getaway — this way we can ensure that everything is working properly and that there will not be any problems while you are gone.

  • Use a Surge Protector. Installing a surge protector is a cheap and effective way to protect your unit from a surge of electricity during times of a power outage. A surge can cause severe damage to your system.

  • Close Your Windows and Shades. Besides deterring burglars and preventing bugs from getting into your home, shutting your windows and curtains keeps your AC system working efficiently. In other words, keeping the heat of the sun out of your house prevents your unit from working unnecessarily hard.

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