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Getting Your AC Ready For The Heat: A Summer Checklist

Repair person inspecting HVAC system

Beating the heat this summer is easy when your HVAC system runs properly! While it can be nice to go to a pool to cool off, it is sometimes easier to grab your HVAC system remote and get your incredibly cool fast. If it has been some time since you last turned on your HVAC system to cool your home, here are some quick tips you should check before the summer officially starts.

Check Your Thermostat

An often overlooked aspect of HVAC systems in the home is the thermostat setting on an air conditioner. Ensure that your home's thermostat is properly set to cool your home, and test out your AC before those hot days to make sure your home is cooling correctly. You would be surprised how homeowners can not notice that their thermostat is broken until it gets way too hot. A broken thermostat may give improper readings, leading to uneven cooling across the home. So if you feel your HVAC system's cooling is off lately, it might just be your thermostat.

Filter Check

We may never stop nagging our customers about cleaning their air filters, but we have a good reason. Cleaning your air filters can avoid many headaches down the line as something as small as dust can be a big problem when it accumulates. Dust and dirt build-up in air filters can lead to some poor air flow across your home, but you can be looking at an HVAC system that is straining to cool down the home. Dirty air filters can lead to longer times to cool down the house, meaning you will be paying far more in your utility bills this summer.

Cleaning Overall

While cleaning your filters is essential, take the time to check your entire HVAC system for a quick clean. Check the drain pipes and even coils to make sure o blockages are present. A dirty drain pipe or even an evaporator coil can lead to annoying problems like high humidity in your home and improper cooling. With any cleaning task with your HVAC system, always remember to let parts properly dry! Mold growth is something you want to deal with later in the year.

Checking For Leaks

The best way to stay cool and help your HVAC system is by making sure your home is adequately insulated. Check alongside windows for any cracks in the frame that you can seal up. Even gaps in your doors can contribute to cool air escaping, so look into potential door stoppers to help. When it comes to leaks in your ducts, that is a job for the pros, as those leaks can lead to drastically uneven cooling.

HVAC systems can be finicky sometimes, but the solutions to your problems are often more straightforward than you might think! At Morrison Heating & Cooling we have years of experience handling home maintenance for HVAC systems and are more than happy to help you if you ever are stuck with a broken HVAC system. Don't get stuck without an AC this hot summer, and have your HVAC inspected when you call (503) 683-7077 today!