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Spring Indoor Air Quality Tips

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What can we say about spring allergies that hasn’t been said before? We know that pollen and dust can wreak havoc across homes this season, making breathing a chore! However, you can control your home’s indoor air quality to work with you and not against you this season. With these spring cleaning tips, not only can you cut down on allergies, but you can also improve the atmosphere of your home in general!

Smells At Home

So before we get into cleaning your home, we should start with a quick tip that can help most homes, believe it or not, install air fresheners! Look, we are not saying your house smells, but we will say that some homeowners can have some choice odors, whether from pets or those old loafers by the entrance that nobody knows who owns anymore.

Installing air fresheners is quick and easy, so don’t let your home smell worse than it should. Try to target problem areas such as bathrooms and areas near a kitchen trash can. While deep cleaning can help with odors, sometimes a little boost from an air freshener can make a difference.

Dusting Time

Spring cleaning is relaxing, but nobody said it would be fun. Dusting can be a chore, but it is important to dust regularly around your air vents, ducts, counters, and anywhere dust may lurk. When cleaning your vents, take a brush and get those grates cleaned from sticky dust that build-up over time. Removing dust sources can help improve the overall airflow of your home and even make the air feel a lot less stale.

Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, take the time to vacuum up any dust! A good vacuum can remove so much dust and debris around the home that you may not have been aware of before. The problem with dust is not a single speck in your home but the accumulation of those specks, so a quick cleaning helps.

Filter Check

It may seem obvious, but sometimes it can be easy to forget to check on your air filters at home. With spring rolling on in, now is perfect for replacing or cleaning your air filters to improve air quality. To avoid clogged-up filters, you want to replace air filters at least every two to three months. A clogged filter can risk mold growth and poor airflow, making allergies worse!


The most critical aspect of improving indoor air quality is taking care of your HVAC system, which means regular maintenance. If your HVAC has gone without repairs for over a year, you might be on borrowed time, so don’t tempt fate and get your system inspected.

What can maintenance prevent? With malfunctioning HVAC units, you can run into the problem of your AC not correctly dehumidifying your home, leading to moisture build-up. The problem with excess moisture is that high humidity can worsen allergies and be a breeding ground for mold.

Likewise, if a coil or motor breaks, you can be left with no air flowing through your home or inconsistent temperatures across the house. Not only can this be annoying when you try to cool off, but you will have to deal with expensive repairs when parts break.

At Morrison Heating & Cooling we know the importance of indoor air quality and want to make sure your house feels like home with proper air quality care. So call (503) 683-7077 today, and we can make sure your home’s air quality is the best on the block!