Ductless AC Service in Portland, OR

Ductless AC Service in Portland, Happy Valley, Oswego, OR and Surrounding Areas

Ductless AC ServiceLiving in Oregon you will understand that as much as the cold can really bring your spirits down, the heat has just as negative an impact. You feel tired, grumpy, and have no energy to enjoy the time with your family. Installing a Ductless Air Conditioning Service in Portland, OR is a wonderful way of providing cool comfort to areas of your home that need it most. Your budget isn’t as seriously dented as with the ducted types, due to the simplified installation process. Call Morrison today and allow us to make the choice so simple.

Ductless AC: Temperature Control at a Fraction of the Price

Instantly when you think air conditioning, you think huge costs, that you really cannot afford right now. With the newer, innovative, ductless air conditioning systems, you can have the comfort now, without such a huge financial burden and very little disruption to your daily activities.

Services: Provided With Pleasure

We are on call to offer our services to you. Whether you have already made the decision to install Wall Units, Mini Splits, or Ductless AC Service in Portland, OR, or you are still considering it, the information and advice we can offer you will be invaluable in your decision-making process. Our service is one that covers all the bases. Make an appointment for us to visit you at your home to discuss your requirements. We’ll immediately take stock of the areas you need to be cooled, and make a suggestion on unit size to be installed. We offer you a no strings attached, obligation-free, no charge quotation which will provide you various options according to branding and price. We are available to field any questions you may have regarding the options provided and lay to rest any uncertainty you may experience. When you have made the all important decision and choice, we move in and complete the installation as quickly, and as far as possible without disruption to you. Before you know it, we’ll be out of your hair, leaving only the cool traces of your newly installed Ductless Air Conditioning Service in Portland, OR.

Branding and Warranties

Ductless air conditioning units are not limited to only one or two brands. There is a huge market for them today. We offer our installations using only well-known brands with a proven efficiency and effective operation. All our equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which may differ slightly from brand to brand. The workmanship we produce is something we are proud of, and in which we have great confidence. Our workmanship carries a lifetime warranty. A lifetime is a long time, but we are that confident that you will remain completely satisfied for the lifespan of your equipment.

Contact Morrison today! We’ll provide you with a cool, comfortable, carefree environment that your family will thank you for. (503) 760-6455