Ductless Heating Service in Portland, OR

Ductless Heating Service in Portland, Happy Valley, Oswego, OR and the Surrounding Areas

Ductless Heating serviceThe wonders of Ductless Heating Service in Portland, OR make it a little more affordable for the everyday man on the street to afford a temperature controlled environment. And what’s more with certain models, you are given some incentives by your local council and by the state when utility bill or income tax time arrives.

Ductless Heating: Faultless Efficiency

Ductless Heating Service in Portland, OR is really quite an energy-efficient and cost effective way of heating your home. Because there is no ductwork involved, the installation itself is quite considerable cheaper than the ducted counterparts. Ductless heating allows you to localize the heating to a specific room and to control the environment in that room alone. Operationally the units are quiet inside and out. Ductless heating offers a much simpler installation process. A mini-split heating system is perfect for open plan designs where each indoor head can serve an area that is not blocked or closed off with doors. Ductless heating is available for installation in residential, as well as commercial applications, and has been used as such for many years.

Our Service: Process and Technicians

Although Ductless Heating Service in Portland, OR is a much smaller job to install than the ducted kind, it is no less important for us to carry out effectively, and in a way that will provide cost-efficiency and energy-efficiency. We take great pride in offering a service where we are able to come out and assess what needs to be done, provide recommendations of the correct size unit required and offer you a free quotation that holds you to no obligations.

Complete Satisfaction with Ductless Heating

When your decision has been made, we’ll design your system, install it, do the necessary inspections and testing, and commission it over to you. We don’t leave until you are completely satisfied and up to speed on how to correctly operate the system to gain the maximum benefits. Call your partner in ductless heating today and be sure to get the best from your system. Morrison Heating And Cooling is standing by to make those cold frosty evenings, warm and toasty.

Contact us today! Our technicians will be out in a flash to put that warm, family feeling back into your home.