Ductless Unit Installation in Portland, OR

Ductless Unit Installation in Portland, Happy Valley, Oswego, OR and the Surrounding Areas

Ductless Unit Installation in Portland, OR - Morrison Heating and CoolingDuctless Unit Installation: Top Class

The innovation of ductless heat pumps has really been phenomenal. Slightly less costly than the ducted counterparts, but allow you to still experience the splendor of owning a heat pump and controlling the environmental temperature in your home. Morrison provides the most thorough Ductless Unit Installation in Portland, OR. Call to schedule!

Installations: Carefree and Efficient

Ductless Unit Installation in Portland, OR is far less major work than an installation of the ducted type. We are equipped to come out to your home, measure the area to be covered and recommend the correct size heat pump for maximum efficiency. The wall unit installations themselves are relatively fast to complete, and we strive to affect your daily life as little as possible. We ensure that all electrical connections are correctly attached, and securely fitted. Your heat pump will be in full operation before you know it. We are in and out, leaving you feeling the comfort, and convenience of temperature control at your fingertips.

Warranties: True Value

Warranties are proof of a service provider’s confidence in the equipment used during the installation, the material, and the workmanship. A service provider who is unwilling to supply a warranty should really not even be considered. They may come in lower in price, but you are left with endless problems should something go wrong. We, at Morrison, provide a warranty that simply cannot be ignored. All our equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, however, our workmanship is covered for the lifetime of the equipment. If you have any problems once we are completed, you need only call, and we’ll be at your door with a smile.

Technician: Certified

Our technicians are selected with great care. We ensure that they have the abilities, skills, and experience, to carry out the tasks our customers require. All our technicians are thoroughly background checked to ensure that they are of good ethics, and values, and safe to send out to our customers. Our technicians are certified, with the State’s stamp of approval. We are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Your possessions and your family are in the best hands possible, and great care is always shown when working at your home.

Contact Morrison now. Your heat pump is invaluable to the comfort of your family, we know this, and strive for perfection every time. You are guaranteed the full benefits of your heat pump, with a superior installation.