Ductless Unit Tax Credits in Portland, OR

Ductless Unit Tax Credits in Portland, Happy Valley, Oswego, OR, and Surrounding Areas

Ductless Heat Pump Tax CreditsTax Credits Applicable on Ductless Heat Pumps in Portland, Oregon

Isn’t it wonderful to think that purchasing and installing a wall unit in your home, for your comfort and that of your family, can save you money in tax credits? Anything that results in receiving money back. This is the perfect time to undertake a ductless heat pump installation is Oregon. Morrison has the best Ductless Unit Tax Credits in Portland, OR to help you.

Tax Credits: How It Works

By making your home more energy-efficient, you become eligible for Ductless Unit Tax Credits in Portland, OR as a reward for your part in preserving the environment in Oregon. When referring to heat pumps, there are certain specifications that need to be met in order for you to be eligible for the tax credit. The mini-split needs to comprise a variable speed compressor which provides a more efficient operation which is able to match the heating and cooling needs of your household under any weather conditions. The wall unit must be listed in the ARI directory and provide a minimum of 50% of rated capacity efficient operation when the outside air temperature is 17 degrees F. There must be no built in resistance heat. The ductless unit must be installed by a technician that has received factory-sponsored training within the last five years.

Utility Rebates: More Added Benefits of Heat Pumps

You may be lucky enough to live in an area where your utility bill is subjected to rebates or other types of incentives when a ductless unit is installed and operating to full energy-efficient potential. Inquire locally to see if your unit fits the bill.

Heat Pumps: Why They Are So Efficient

Heated or cooled air is delivered directly to the room you require it, there is no efficiency loss which is usually associated with ductwork. Ducting can cause an efficiency loss of up to 20%. Heat pumps that are the variable speed compressor type, are easily able to produce usable heat efficiency in all weather conditions besides days with are very cold. Using a heat pump which delivers air directly to the room involved, the temperature in each room can be controlled and set at the requirement for that particular room. The ductless units most commonly use a more environmentally friendly refrigerant, as opposed to older variations.

Contact Morrison today and allow us to help you receive Ductless Heat Pump Tax Credits in Portland, OR so you can be more friendly to our environment while being more friendly to your family.