Earthquake Shut Off Valve in Portland, OR

Earthquake Shut Off Valve in Portland, Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, OR and Surrounding Areas

 Earthquake Shut Off ValveThe Value Of An Earthquake Shut Off Valve in Portland, Happy Valley & Lake Oswego, OR

As is customary with many heating and cooling systems these days, they may be operated using gas as a source of fuel. Gas is potentially hazardous and could lead to fatal explosions, fires, or death resulting from inhalation of the gas which often goes undetected due to the lack of odor. With the Earth in the state, it is at the moment, being subjected to earthquakes more regularly than in past days, gas could potentially be ignited should the ground begin to rumble and shake.

Taking Precautionary Measures with Gas

It is always best to take precautionary measures when gas is involved. An Earthquake Shut-Off Valve in Portland, OR is such a mechanism. The valve is programmed to cut off the flow of gas in the event of an occurrence such as an earthquake, or if there appears to be a potentially hazardous gas leak within the system. At Morrison, we know the dangers of gas, but we are also aware of the benefits, and we know what precautions must be taken in order to benefit from the use of this power source.

Installation: Guaranteed Gas Safety

When installing a heating or cooling unit or working on a unit, we always recommend the addition of an Earthquake Shut-Off Valve in Portland, OR as an added safety measure. We encourage customers to use gas over electricity for cost-efficiency and environmental reasons, but we are careful to explain the hazards of such a power source as well. The mechanism of the valve itself is fairly simple.When the valve is triggered or activated, the mechanism shuts off or blocks the flow of gas. Not every shut-off valve uses exactly the same mechanism to come to the end result, however, they all result in the same end.

What Are Seismic Valves?

Seismic valves are the valves which are designed with earthquake hazards in mind. They are triggered by the shaking of the ground. Each valve has a preset level of shut off, and when the ground shaking reaches that point, the valve will shut off all gas flow through the system and into your home. The valve can be manually reset once you are certain that there is no potential risk of explosion or fire. A flow valve works on the same principles, however, the trigger is an excess flow of gas through the system. The valve will read this as a leak which is potentially dangerous and shut off the flow into the home. Both valves are precautionary and designed for the particular trigger. We recommend both in instances where the area is prone to earthquakes. Always have the valves fitted by a trained technician to ensure that it is installed in the correct place, and in the correct manner.

Shut Off Valves: Service and Upkeep

These precautionary valves, once installed by one of our qualified technicians, do not need regular maintenance whatsoever. The valve contains no moving parts, so is not prone to wear and tear.

Contact Morrison today to ensure the safety of your family from any potential gas threats. Gas is a wonderful, cost-effective and energy-efficient source of power if used in the correct manner, and the correct precautions are taken.