Furnace Maintenance Service in Portland, OR

Furnace Maintenance Service in Portland, Oswego, Milwaukie, OR and the Surrounding Areas

Maintenance is something that is imperative to the smooth operation of your heating system. It is also something that is put by the wayside or swept under the carpet when other, more pressing situations arise. Furnace Maintenance Service in Portland, OR is in place to prevent minor issues from becoming full-blown breakdowns and repairs. It also ensures the efficiency of your system, and the improvement of your indoor air quality by keeping the filters, vents, and associated ducting dust free.Furnace Maintenance Service in Portland, Oswego, Milwaukie, OR and the Surrounding Areas - Morrison Heating and Cooling

Furnace Maintenance Service in Portland, OR: Once Off or Package

We offer our clients the chance to take us up on the offer of a maintenance package. The maintenance package basically rids you of any stress and worry relating to the maintenance of your equipment. We take that responsibility off your hands. We keep track of your last maintenance service date, the work carried out, and we keep a note of your next due date. When the date is nearing, we call you to confirm a time and day suited to you. The maintenance package is available for a small monthly fee that really is worth it. If you have perhaps not taken a package, but require a maintenance on your heater, that too is no problem at all. Simply call us up and schedule a date and time. We are here to ensure your heater keeps going all through the winter.

Maintenance: The Procedure

Our maintenance procedure is thorough and examines every part of your heater. Electrical connections are checked and securely fitted, the gas is refilled, filters, vents, and ducts cleaned and made to be dust-free, the unit and ducting are inspected for cracks, defects, or flaws which may progress into problems that cause a breakdown. There is no part of your heater that isn’t taken care of. When we leave, your system is running as smoothly as the first day you fitted it.

Furnace Maintenance Technicians: Technically Sound and Professional

Our maintenance team is comprised of a number of technicians who have shown their worth through the years. They have the skills, knowledge, and experience to identify potential problems before they arise. Our team is adept at carrying out inspections and maintenance, and they know exactly where common problems begin. You can be assured that our technicians know every inch of your heating system, and will ensure that there is no part left unattended.

Contact us today to ensure that your heater makes it through the cold winter. Morrison Heating and Cooling are on call 24/7 for any emergencies. We won’t see our customers left out to freeze.