Heater Repair Service in Portland, OR

Heater Repair Service in Portland, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, OR and the Surrounding Areas

As much as your air conditioning is needed during the warmer months in Oregon, your heater is a necessity in making it through the colder ones. The first cold night of the year has finally arrived, you have forgotten to test your heater before the time, you cross your fingers as you flick the switch. Much to your dismay, you aren’t greeted with that warm, comforting burst of air that you have been longing for. Instead, you have a loud, loose bolt sound and no air at all. You are in need of a repair, and fast. Sounds like you need Heater Repair Service in Portland, OR, and fast!

Heater Repair Service in Portland, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, OR - Morrison Heating & Cooling

Heater Repair Service in Portland, Lake Oswego, and Milwaukie, OR: Guaranteed

When your heating suddenly packs it in during the cold winter, we know that a repair is something that can’t be delayed. We’ll attend to your pleas promptly. We provide a thorough evaluation and are able to easily pinpoint the location of your problem. We’ll remove the part, source the spares, and undertake the repairs for a price that is manageable. Our parts carry a manufacturer’s warranty, while our labor carries a lifetime warranty. Proof of our confidence in our abilities to provide a service that radiates excellence.

Upfront Pricing Every Time

We know how long a repair should take to complete and quote you accordingly. If for some reason your spares are delayed, or our technicians somewhat backlogged, and we don’t get to your repair as quickly as we should, we don’t see why you should pay for it. Our quotations are given up front. There are no hidden costs, no nasty surprises, and you know where you stand from a financial viewpoint, from the start.

Certified Technicians

We understand that our technicians are an extension of our business, and they need to portray us in a light that closely resembles what we stand for. Our staff is carefully screened before employment to ensure the safety of our clients for the duration of our work on your homes. The consultants are professional and friendly, skilled and certified, and as a team, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience under our belts.

Has your heater let you down? Are you feeling the cold more than you should? Give us a call today. One of our friendly, professional team is waiting to put the spark back in your heating system. Contact us today!