Furnace Replacement Service in Portland, OR

Furnace Replacement Service in Portland, Oswego, Milwaukie, OR and the Surrounding Areas

You have religiously carried out your heater maintenance, undertaken minor repairs where necessary, and have managed to stretch the life of your heater way past what you expected. It is old, and these days it seems to cost more in repairs than what it’s worth. You have noticed strange sounds coming from the heating, and your utility bill is no longer as stable as it once was. You may be heading for a heater replacement. Call Morrison, and allow one of our qualified staff to receive excellent Furnace Replacement Service in Portland, OR.

furnace Replacement

Furnace Replacement Service in Portland, OR: Guaranteed Service

We follow a procedure when you call us to your home. We come out to evaluate your system and make a deduction on what is causing your problems. We use our skill and experience to assess whether there is still life in the heater, or whether it is in fact time for a replacement. We will never simply suggest a replacement without doing an inspection first. If we find your heater is still repairable, but it is old and outdated, we will suggest upgrading to a more modern, energy-efficient version that will save you costs on utilities in the long run.

Furnace Replacement Technicians: Experienced

Our replacement team is super efficient. We value time and keep our appointments. Our consultants are skilled and have the experience required to make judgment calls on the state of your equipment. If our team says a replacement is in order, you can believe that it is. Our staff are upfront, and honest with you from the start. We don’t make false promises. What you see, is what you get. No hidden agendas. You will always be treated with professionalism and respect by our team.

Upfront Quotation on Replacements

You are always guaranteed great, affordable prices with Morrison. We provide you with a number of available options that suit your needs and attach a detailed pricing for each. The selection you make is really up to you, but we are there to guide you should you need help. Our quotations are fixed, and you’ll never pay a penny more than what your quoted price was. There are no hidden costs, and no amounts applied at a later stage. You pay only what we quoted. Our quotations are free of charge and you are not obligated to continue with the work if for any reason you decide against it.

Furnace Equipment Warranty

All the equipment we use during your Heating Replacement Service in Portland, OR is covered by an extensive warranty that lasts for a lifetime on the workmanship and there is a manufacturer’s warranty on the parts and equipment. You are assured that if you pick up faults relating to our workmanship during the lifetime of the equipment, or if your parts or equipment fail during the course of the manufacturer’s warranty, we’ll come back with pleasure and rectify it to your satisfaction.

Contact Morrison if you find yourself questioning the efficiency of your old heating system. We’ll give you the advice you need to make that decision to replace.