Heat Pump Installation & Replacement in Portland, OR

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement in Portland, Happy Valley, Oswego, OR and the Surrounding Areas

When it comes to any kind of heating or cooling equipment, the installation of a new system, or replacement of an existing one, is imperative to the performance of the equipment going forward. This is no different when referring Heat Pump Installation & Replacement Service in Portland, OR. If you really want your heat pump to be an investment in your home, or in your life and those of your family members, only employ the services or a registered professional to carry out this work.

Heat Pump Installations: Guaranteed 100%

Installing a heat pump in your home is really an investment into the comfort of your family, and a welcome addition to the price tag attached to your home. Of course, the installation needs to be completed by a trained professional who will ensure that the result is clean, undetectable, and efficient. There is nothing worse than a heat pump that has been installed and sticks out like an eyesore. We are qualified and have the experience in completing the job in its entirety. Evaluation, design, implementation, testing, and finally the commissioning when you are completely satisfied with the results.

Heat Pump Replacements: Modern, and Energy-Efficient

A heat pump replacement is as important as a new installation. You are basically replacing your old, inefficient heat pump, and putting in its place, a newer, more modern, energy-efficient version, that will save you money in the long-term, and provide the comfortable environment your family deserves, whether it is summer or winter. The process is carried out in much the same way as a new installation, and the correct measures are taken to ensure that the heat pump provided, is sufficient for the area you wish to provide with temperature controlled air.

Technicians: Technical Certification in the Trade

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Our technicians are high-caliber, trained, certified professionals who are adept at carrying out Heat Pump Installation & Replacement Service in Portland, OR. They are technical, well-versed in the inner working of the heat pump, and the correct installation thereof. Our technicians are certified and carry the seal of approval passed on by the officials within the State. You have peace of mind, that we are backed by the State, and therefore have the skills and the required amount of on the job experience. Experience is something that can’t be bought. It has provided our staff with knowledge that can never be learned in a book. Our technicians are carefully screened before they become a part of the Morrison family and display the same work ethics by with we abide. They are truly and extension of ourselves out in the field, and we can honestly say that they do us proud. You are safe in the hands of Morrison.

Branding and Warranties

Our Heat Pump Installation & Replacement Service in Portland, OR are carried out using only the top name brands. Brands which we know have been tried and tested in the field, with great results. Our brands are known for their performance and their durability. We offer warranties that prove our confidence in our work and the brands that we choose to use. Each piece of equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which does differ from brand to brand, but you will be informed of all the details when selecting a specific brand. Our workmanship carries a lifetime guarantee. There is no greater promise than this that we could ever provide. A promise that what your get from us, is only the highest quality.

Contact Morrison today! We know about heat pumps. Allow us to give you that temperature controlled environment that you so desire. Rain, or shine, you’ll be completely at home, no chills or sweats.