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Portland Furnace Repair

Heater Repair in the Portland-Vancouver Metro Area

On a cold winter night, the last thing you want is for your heater to break down. A functioning furnace is an absolute must during the winter months – your family’s comfort is at stake without one.

If you are in need of furnace repair in Portland or nearby, Morrison Heating & Cooling can help. Since 2004, we’ve been providing the Portland area with long-lasting, high-quality furnace repair. In that time we’ve built a reputation for our fair prices, accurate diagnoses, and skilled furnace repairs. We are proud to provide Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, Forest Grove, and Milwaukie with the comprehensive and cost-effective heating repair services that families and business count on when temperatures drop.

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Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Some of the signs of a malfunctioning heater are far more obvious than others. To the untrained eye, a heater’s declining efficiency might not be noticeable.

We recommend calling in the professionals if you notice:

  • The heater is failing to properly warm your home
  • The heater fails to turn on at all
  • Strange noises coming from the unit
  • Lingering odors while the heater is on
  • Your furnace turns on and off more often than it should
  • Your furnace blower doesn’t turn off
  • Your energy bills are unusually high
  • The electronic ignition isn’t working properly (electric models) or the pilot light is out (gas models)

There’s no reason to suffer when professional Portland furnace repair is just a simple phone call away. Here at Morrison Heating & Cooling, we can assess your equipment and determine the best solution to improve its performance. Once we have thoroughly inspected it, we can advise whether repair or replacement is best.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

In the fall, the temperatures start to drop and we start to think how we can best prepare for the impending winter cold. One way to do so is to determine whether your furnace needs any repairs or whether it's time to invest in a brand new unit. While it's always best to defer to a professional and have them inspect your unit, there are a few key signs to be on the lookout for.

We recommend replacing your furnace when:

  • Your furnace emits carbon monoxide: If your furnace has a cracked combustion chamber or other wear and tear, it could release toxic carbon monoxide throughout your home. Because carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, it's difficult to detect until its too late and you begin to feel some of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Because this can be fatal, it's important to ensure you keep up with routine maintenance so our expert technicians can ensure there's no leaks before it's too late.
  • Your furnace is 15 years old or more: The standard lifespan for a furnace is around 15 years. Of course, this varies depending on furnace brand, how often you get routine maintenance, and usage. However, as your furnace ages, it experiences normal wear and tear that makes it less efficient at heating your home.
  • Your furnace needs a repair that is 50% or more of the cost of a new unit: If your furnace is in need of a costly repair, it may make more sense to invest in a new unit instead. This is especially the case if your furnace is near the end of its standard lifespan.
  • Your heating bills have skyrocketed: As your furnace ages, it experiences wear and tear that causes it to have to work harder to keep up with your heating demands. Unfortunately, the older your furnace is, the more it will struggle to heat your home, thus requiring more energy to do so.
  • Your furnace can no longer keep your home a comfortable temperature: Whether some rooms of your home feel warmer or cooler than others, or you're constantly having to adjust the thermostat to get comfortable, if your furnace can no longer meet your heating preferences, it's time to consider a replacement.
  • You need to constantly repair your furnace: If your furnace continues to break down, and the repairs are getting more expensive each time, we recommend replacing your unit.
  • Your furnace makes strange noises: It's normal for your furnace to make subtle noises as it runs. However, if you notice your unit making rumbling, banging, groaning, clanking, or other unusual noises that increase in volume, give us a call. The noises could be due to worn parts, motor failure, or ductwork issues.
  • You're thinking about selling your home in the near future: Potential homeowners want their new homes equipped with quality systems that they won't have to worry about immediately replacing. While a new furnace won't dramatically increase your home's value, it will help your home sell.

We recommend considering a replacement before the winter season so you can ensure your home is equipped with a proper heating unit to keep you and your family warm and comfortable.

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Portland deserves an honest, reliable HVAC service provider. We aim to be just that. After a thorough diagnostic and assessment of your furnace, a friendly and knowledgeable technician from our team will answer any questions you may have. We always use high-quality furnace replacement parts in our furnace repair work, and every job comes with a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. Our technicians are fully trained professionals who will provide you with the effective workmanship and outstanding customer service you deserve.

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