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Furnace Tune-Up Provided by Reliable & Honest Technicians 

Furnace Tune-Ups in Portland

Schedule Your Heater Maintenance with Morrison Heating & Cooling

Your heater may be getting old and nearing the end of its intended life. Yes, you have grown attached to the reliable, old machinery, and you would like to make it last as long as possible without spending an arm and a leg. If the time between necessary repairs is becoming shorter and shorter, it might be time for a furnace tune-up.

Our Portland heater repair technicians offer tune-up services – a mini-maintenance, if you will – for our customers in Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, and Milwaukie. A tune-up is intended to keep the system running until the maintenance service is due and prevent any breakdowns until then.

Schedule your furnace tune-up with us today! Call (503) 683-7077 or contact us online.

Invest in a Furnace Tune-Up

Your heater is built to last a long time – many years, in fact – with the right maintenance procedures carried out on a regular basis. However, as your system begins to age, you may find that the time between maintenance services is too long. Your system simply begins to perform below standard and starts acting up.

During the cold Portland winters, you really can’t afford these instances. Your solution may be a tune-up. This is mini-maintenance carried out between maintenance services. Our technicians can examine your system and quickly diagnose what might be causing the problem.

Benefits of furnace maintenance services include:
  • Improved efficiency and reduced energy bills - regularly scheduled furnace maintenance can help improve the energy efficiency of the unit by removing dirt that could cause the system to have to work harder than it's supposed to. Tune-ups also help ensure that all parts are functioning properly.
  • Early detection of minor problems that can be fixed before they become major - when you regularly have a professional examine your heating system, you can help catch problems in advance and avoid unnecessary repair services.
  • Maintain the manufacturer’s warranty - many furnaces come with warranties that are only good if you keep up with regular maintenance services. If you have a furnace that is still within the coverage period of the warranty it's important to schedule regular tune-ups to make sure you don't void the warranty.
  • Improved home safety - gas furnaces pose a chance that carbon monoxide can leak into your home. During maintenance services, an HVAC professional will check for safety risks (such as a cracked heat exchanger) to help keep you and your family safe.
  • Extended life of unit - properly maintained furnaces last up to five years longer than furnaces that have not had any maintenance performed on them, which pushes back the need for replacement.

Our Portland heater tune-up technicians can complete a tune-up on any make or model of heating system.

Certified & Trusted Technicians

When we are called to your home to carry out a heater tune-up, we treat this with the same respect and enthusiasm we would any other job. Our technicians are skilled and have learned techniques over the years that help them to identify problem areas with ease.

During a tune-up visit, we will address any particular complaints and give your system a thorough once-over to ensure everything is in good working order. Our technicians are professional, but they also never forget the value of being courteous and friendly. Allow us to prolong the operation of your heater until your next maintenance visit.

Feel the benefits of a heater tune-up today by calling Morrison Heating & Cooling at (503) 683-7077.

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