I am sitting here nice and toasty warm. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate how quickly you were able to get to me and fix my heat. Everybody was so helpful - Janet and Marilyn in the office and your technician Oren. I have used your services several times and always am impressed by your response.

- Kathy Wade

Wonderful, wonderful service and expertice! Morrison fixed my radiant heating unit in my ADU and installed an AC unit in my house. They were cost efficient, professional and timely. I had a very poor experience with a previous AC install and the contrast was dramatic! All of their employees from the owner to the front office staff though to the estimator and installers were first rate! You will save money, time and energy with Morrison! Thank you!

- Sara Lea

I had them come out and take a look at my older AC unit because it wasn't blowing cold on our first warmish day of the year. I thought I'd see if I could limp it along one more season because I'm just not ready to replace it. Morrison sent out a tech, Oren, who did his diagnostic routine. We turn on the unit and it's still not blowing cold air. Hmmm. Pulls the panel off of the inside unit and asks, "has anyone had been in this panel?" The only other person that had been in the panel was a competitor, who also has good reviews. I won't name the competitor because I don't want a libel suit on my hands, but the evidence suggests that they had crossed wires inside my unit so that the thermostat would turn on the blower but not send the signal out to the compressor. Holy cow! Talk about your deceptive trade practices. This competitor also misdiagnosed an issue with my furnace that they wanted to charge me $1,300 for (that one I figured out on my own and it was actually just an $8 part, which is why I didn't call them back when I needed my AC looked at). In any case, Morrison has definitely earned my business. Why try to sell someone a new AC and furnace if the system that they have still has some life left in it? I'll be calling them to service my system every year and, as long as their replacement bid is in the same ballpark, I'll definitely be having them replace my old furnace and AC when they finally give up the ghost. It's really refreshing to find a company that's more worried about building customer for life relationships than getting an easy buck by whatever means necessary. Great company!

- Casey O'Donnell

Morrison Heating and Cooling did a great job on my Air Conditioning install. The team arrived on time and completed a professional looking and very clean install.

- Victor Prudhomme

I recently had a Laundry Pro installed on my washing machine. Morrison Heating & Cooling came out to install it and did a fabulous job! Professional and friendly company. The installer was careful when moving my washing machine and dryer around and even cleaned my floors underneath before moving the machines back into place! He took time to make sure I understood the start up cleaning cycles and then followed up with me the next day. So far, I love the Laundry Pro and I'm completely impressed that it's cleaning my laundry without any detergent!! I feel good about my small contribution in helping the environment and also cleaning my family and pet's wash without any chemicals!

- Karla C

Our furnace (gas) quit last early March. Morrison Heating and Cooling came within 2 days. They replaced and reconfigured the condensation drain system and the furnace within one day! They also removed the old furnace and cleaned everything up. This was all done within the bid estimate and with no problems for us. We were very pleased with the service, work and attention to detail they provided. I would highly recommend Morrison Heating and Cooling.